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There are 3 ways we can work together 

Depending on what you think you need, I can work three different ways and it might be that one leads to the other.


Advise ➔ Consult ➔ Manage

Of course if you are interested I'd be very happy to meet and talk you through the options, to determine the scale of your project and where the greatest help is required.

Stefani Longshamp

1. Advise

In a situation where  you want to get an external view of your brand health I can complete a short evaluation and feed back to you or your senior team. This can include specific strategies and actions I suggest to develop your brand - where I think you need to spend your time and allocate resources. 


I can then catch up on progress with the project as you go and help and advise as required or the advice might be a one-off.   

Max Reinert

2. Consult

Most of my work would be described as consulting, where my role is to work with the senior team and/or marketing team to refine the brand matrix that exists. The work always revolves around 3 stages of work though they will vary in length and complexity. 


1. Researching what exists

2. Strategy and design

3. Execution


Every project is unique, so although the stages of work will remain the same the precise content of each stage will alter. It will be designed around you, your team, your business and the context of the project.

In the case of creating a new brand the process remains the same but the first stage of work is more about your capabilities and the context in which your brand will live.   

3. Manage

Some of my work turns into real management of a project, in other words I take responsibility for the running of the project and all reporting and coordination. This might be in a situation where there is a small internal team and their focus is elsewhere or there is a need for me to take a very active role to push the project through and maintain momentum. In truth a lot of my work begins as consulting and changes into management.   

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