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Project 02


I can't lie, I had to think twice when I was approached to work with a Hospice. Like many people I've never visited one previously, never needed to. There is one of the problems, it is probably the ultimate distressed purchase. I now know different, because sensibly I decided to take up the challenge. The task, working with design firm Certain, was to establish a proposition for the charity based in Lichfield. A great deal of the research involved understanding our (human beings) relationship with dying and loss. You'd think this would be bleak and depressing but it was anything but. I met some great people, both staff and patients and helped to deliver what I think is a brave and 'head above the parapet' core idea - It's your life and that's what matter. We wanted to highlight the elephant in the room when it comes to dying. The way you die doesn't belong to your doctor, the NHS or your family, it belongs to you and only you.

Fantastic design work completed by Phil Dean and his team at Certain 

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