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Project 04


The 'tech hippy' heritage of Opera has diminished over the years, from the heady days when they were at the forefront of mobile browser development in the 90's. Their data wringing software was well known and used in international regions where networks were less well developed. Mention Opera to a taxi driver in Moscow and the smile will grow across his face as he waves his mobile at you. But over time as mobile networks and other big browser businesses improved, Opera found their markets eroded. However undeterred by the challenges they moved into mobile advertising markets and developed other app products. So in 2015 they found themselves with a disparate international organisation with products in B2B and consumer, in many regions, and a raft of new products with unrelated identities and core principles. The task was to:


_ Develop a core brand idea for all divisions/activity

_ Establish a clear brand architecture to contain all existing products/activity and set rules for new products

_ Execute the core identity design

_ Create a precise tone of voice and supporting documents

_ Develop and deliver brand creation workshops for each existing product and any new ones

The strategy project was completed whilst Head of Strategy at the wonderful DixonBaxi 

Design work completed by ANTI Oslo

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