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Not really a blog, more of a photo

I may find myself on the wrong end of the blog police here. It's not really a blog, it's more of a photograph. It took me a while to shoot it, if that helps justify the format. Someone asked me what brand books they should read and I was in the middle of a written reply when I realised a photograph of the books on my shelf would be quicker than my laborious, single finger typage.

So here's a shot of the books I rate. Just a note that The Brand Gap by Marty Neumeier is missing because I lent it to someone and I've not got it back, but by the same token the book on top, DO / Purpose, actually belongs to Aporva Baxi of Dixonbaxi (he's never getting it back).

You'll notice there's a book in there called Winners by Alastair Campbell, which is clearly not a brand book but half the books that help me in brand strategy aren't brand books, particulalry when you're wanting to read about purpose and culture. Likewise Connect by John Browne is a great read about how businesses need to be more authentic.

Even though I have these publications in real paper and ink, I have to be honest I listen to most of them on my phone when I'm on the train or sitting in a hotel room.

Let me know about the books you rate. If your typing is as bad as mine then just take a shot!

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