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Tim Watson

After a brief post-school stint in a number of restaurants, I got my desired job in an advertising agency as a commercial artist, after my mum, who worked in Jaeger, persuaded an agency creative director and customer (through the curtain of a changing room) into meeting me. Over the next 15 years I worked my way through every agency department and moved from Leeds to London. In the late 90’s I found myself, along with 4 other guys from Yorkshire, running one of the largest brand agencies in the world, working with Nike, Virgin, BBC, MTV, Sony etc. It was fast and demanding and I mainly learned how not to do things. In the midst of huge success we failed repeatedly, big time. In the early noughties I quit the Agency world, fearing for my health and sanity, and started work as an independent consultant, helping businesses understand the ingredients of a great brand and how to build one.

It has taken me 30 years to learn and really understand what makes a great brand and what it takes to build one. It’s actually remarkably simple, it’s not complicated, it’s just hard work, and any business can create a great brand. The only things you need are a great product people want or need, a big idea about your business, an idea that's bigger than your product and the confidence and conviction to bring your idea to life. Without these three things you’ll never be a leading brand. I can reveal the fundamentals of a great brand and what it takes to build one. I’ll show you how and where to start.


If a client is listed here it means I've worked with them, not just walked past their building or bumped into the CEO at a dinner party. This represents a snapshot of work over the last 20 years and includes my time working as an independent consultant or whilst MD of Duffy in the early 2000's, a group director of Attik in the late 90's, the strategy lead at DixonBaxi in 2014/15 and a brief spell as MD at WPP owned Fitch. 

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